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"The little trick of getting three objects to dance around in your hands has always managed to keep a small sense of magic...It's one form of insanity we feel everyone has a right to experience."
~ Juggling for the Complete Klutz
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Juggling for Beginners Dec 10
Posted November 9, 2016
Instructor: Peat Rains

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of basic juggling pattern called a "cascade." Most people can learn the cascade within a half hour. If time allows, then we will move on to basic tricks. If anyone is needing intermediate instruction, we can definitely tackle that as well. The point of the instruction is to learn the skills to efficiently build the proper muscle memory needed for foundation juggling.

Juggling props will be provided, but if you have dabbled before and have your own, please feel free to bring them as consistency with props is vital to learning. Don't be hesitant to try. Juggling is a skill that's both highly frustrating but also extremely rewarding. It's therapeutic, meditative, and a lifelong obsession for most who put in the time. Almost every person I have successfully taught has told me beforehand that they are not coordinated enough to juggle. Your body and brain already have the tools, it's just learning how to hone them. See ya there!

Strictly limited to ten students and advance purchase is required. All ages eight and up! Bring the family out for a fun night of juggling before dinner. (You know like cool families do!)
Saturday, December 10, noon–1pm
QED: A Place to Show & Tell
27-16 23rd Ave
Astoria, NY 11105
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