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"The little trick of getting three objects to dance around in your hands has always managed to keep a small sense of magic...It's one form of insanity we feel everyone has a right to experience."
~ Juggling for the Complete Klutz
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Juggling Technique & Creation Workshop Apr 16
Posted April 5, 2016
Juggling Technique & Creation Workshop
with Jacob D'Eustachio

When I’m performing my two goals are to give a consistently solid show and present my personal style of juggling. I’d love to share what I know about these two objectives.

Do you wonder, am I making progress? How can I tell? We’ll work on practicing and creating efficiently, and with a sense of fun. Explore different ways of breaking down new tricks and creating manageable objectives. We’ll also look at warm ups and a few technique exercises that help with every trick and provide a basis for problem solving.

How does one create a signature style? We’ll be discovering different ways of creating tricks, both individually and in groups. We’ll use both physical starting points (bodies, space, etc.) and mental starting points (daily routines, narratives, expressions, etc.) The second half of this workshop we’ll spend on sequencing and the process for putting together a successful act.

Jacob D’Eustachio began juggling at age 10 and landed his first professional contract (juggling with the Zoppé Family Circus) at 17. Later that year he began studying privately with Swiss juggler Kris Kremo. He is a graduate of Canada’s Ecole de Cirque de Quebec and has performed in 13 countries on 5 continents. He most recently finished nine months with Celebrity Cruises.

Reviews from past students:

"Jacob split his time evenly among technical exercises (for developing fundamentals), experiments in creativity (process of play/discovery), and group activities that were challenging and fun. The workshop was attended by jugglers of widely varying skill levels: everyone from some very new jugglers to some who were quite seasoned. No one was left behind in the work. Not only were the exercises applicable to all levels of skill, but Jacob made time to work with everyone on a one-on-one basis. He seemed to tailor the lessons to each student while at the same time bringing us along as a group.
Instead of teaching tricks and routines, Jacob taught us how to practice. He also showed some fantastic ways to rediscover fun and joy in something that can, at times, be frustrating. The workshop was engaging and fun, and the few days following my attendance saw marked improvement in my juggling. I would recommend a class with Jacob to a juggler at any level." –Alex Trendler

"A rare combination of solid technique and variegated play. More than just juggling, encourages students to sweat through barriers and enter a next dimension of practice. No matter what skill level is the starting point, new jugglers and advanced jugglers will refine something old, learn something new, or ultimately, get inspired to invent new tricks and develop a unique juggling style." –Heather Campbell

"Jacob isn't just an awesome juggler but he is a master teacher. He was smiling and enthusiastic from the start and his energy level was contagious throughout the workshop. It is actually funny thinking about it now but he creatively kept all of us engaged as individuals and as a group and even though some of us were on different levels. Thinking about it now he was actually juggling us without us feeling it. I would recommend Jacob to anyone regardless if they are challenged like me with three balls or are already juggling six and are looking to create a new show like one or two the others in my same group." –Alan K, Brooklyn
Saturday April 16, 2016, 10am–1pm
It’s early so we’ll have free coffee available!
The Circus Warehouse
53-21 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City, NY 11101
Take the 7 train to Vernon Blvd-Jackson Ave station or the G train to 21st-Van Alst Station

For detailed public transport, walking, and/or driving directions, please see circuswarehouse.com
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$50 (or use your Circus Warehouse class card)
Jacob D'Eustachio
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