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"The little trick of getting three objects to dance around in your hands has always managed to keep a small sense of magic...It's one form of insanity we feel everyone has a right to experience."
~ Juggling for the Complete Klutz
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Juggling Encounter Online Apr 26
Posted April 26, 2020
Across heaven, space, and time, Compagnie Ea Eo presents the Online Juggling Encounter, while postponing the thirteenth edition of the real life festival.

The artists programmed this year will use the Internet, electromagnetic waves, the magic of electronics and optic fiber to propose a summarized, narrated, drawn, filmed, and streamed version of their juggling.

Jugglers, we're used to handling drops, to managing failure, so on April 26th we're going to get together and virtually manage the giant drop that is COVID 19. We're going to bend down, pick up the festival, and throw it again, on the internet, across the skies, space, and time.


- 6:00 pm : meeting on Google maps at Rer station La Courneuve Aubervilliers
- 6:01 pm: collective mental walk to place de la fraternité
- 6:02 pm: visit of the festival's scenography created by Cécile Rolland
- 6:03 pm: the welcoming word, Guy Waerenburgh (Cirque du Bout du Monde)
- 6:05 pm: Van Kim Tran & Cyrille Humen (Cie Monad)
- 6:09 pm: Collective creation without participants, Bram Dobbelaere, Sander De Cuyper, Jordaan De Cuyper (Cie Pol&Freddy)
- 6:12 pm: Fabrizio Solinas (Little Garden Co.)
- 6:14 pm: Gon Fernandez philosophical moment (Juventud)
- 6:17 pm: Déborah Colucci and Alexis Rouvre ( Cie Modo Grosso )
- 6:20pm: Induction of our new director
- 6:22 : Julie Maingonnat (Cie Un Pied sur la Planche)
- 6:25 pm: Neta Oren & Eric Longequel (Cie Ea Eo)
- 6:29 pm:Diane Gossiome, Ricardo S. Mendes, Juri Bisegna (Les Copycats)
- 6:33 pm: Morgan Cosquer (Endogenous Co.)
- 6:37 pm: Ramiro Erburu, Léon Luc, Carlo Cerato (EDO Cirque)
- 6:41 pm: Kolja Huneck
- 6:44 pm: our farewell to Léa
- 6:47 pm: Alexander Vantournhout (Not Standing company)
- 6:51 pm: Mounâ Nemri (La Nour)
- 6:57 pm: our farewell to Hervé
- 6:01 pm: Vladimir Couprie (Cie Carré Curieux)
- 7:09 pm: Ron Beeri & Itamar Glucksmann (Lazuz company)
- 7:14 pm: Thomas Guérineau and Dimas Tivane
- 7:19 pm: Paul Cretin (Muchmuche company)
- 7:24 p.m.: Jay Gilligan (Ea Eo Co.)
- 7:30 pm: The last word, Guy Waerenburgh (Cirque du Bout du Monde)
Sunday, April 26, 6pm
(Not sure in what time zone though. If Facebook adjust time by location, then it's Eastern Daylight Time)
Live stream on Twitch
No app needed, nothing to download. Just click the link.
More Information:
Facebook event
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