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Joggling Jack in The Lincoln County Dispatch
Posted October 12, 2015
70-Year-Old Man Juggles Entire Length of Newport Marathon
Published in The Lincoln County Dispatch
Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 5:03pm
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By Larry Coonrod

NEWPORT—Runners come to the Newport Marathon for many reasons. Some to qualify for the Boston Marathon or Olympic Marathon trials. Others seek to conquer the 26. 2 mile course as a personal challenge. And then there is 70-year-old joggler Jack Hirschowitz.

Yes. Joggler. As in one who juggles while jogging. A resident of New York City, Hirschowitz is the world record holder as the oldest person to run a marathon while juggling.

“The balls add a whole new dimension for me,” he told a CBS interviewer a few years ago. “It makes it more fun.”

Last year, as a spry 69-year-old psychiatrist he joggled the Paris Marathon in 4 hours and 37 minutes and the New York Marathon in 4 hours and 41 minutes all while juggling three balls.

This past weekend, he entered the Newport Marathon to establish the marathon joggling record in the 70 and up age group. In his marathon application, Hirschowitz said he hoped to complete the race in 4 hours and 30 minutes.

He fell just a few minutes short of his goal with a finish time of 4:34:03. Good enough for a second place finish in his age group behind Ed Engelmann of Salem, Oregon who crossed the finish line in 4:17:53

Hirschowitz finished 456th out of the 727 runners who completed the marathon—besting many runners half his age.

Photo caption: Jack Hirschowitz joggles (jogging and juggling) during the May 30 Newport Marathon. Hirschowitz, a psychiatrist from New York City, holds the world record as the oldest person to joggle a marathon. (Photo by JoHanna Wienert)
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