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"The little trick of getting three objects to dance around in your hands has always managed to keep a small sense of magic...It's one form of insanity we feel everyone has a right to experience."
~ Juggling for the Complete Klutz  
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Saturday March 8
Pratt Memorial Hall, 7:30pm
200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Admission: $10

Hosts:   Matt "from Pratt" Guzzardo
clearDennis "Mr." Kane

Scheduled Performers:
(subject to change, click for photo/bio) Show Producer: Playful Productions®

Performer Information:
Matt Guzzardo and Dennis Kane

Matt "from Pratt" Guzzardo and Dennis "Mr." Kane
Matt and Mr. Kane reflect both sides of the "Juggle This" audience. Matt is a juggler; Mr. Kane is not. Mr. Kane likes smooth jazz; Matt likes classic rock. Matt lives 5 minutes away; Mr. Kane lives 5 hours away. Mr. Kane is a kindergarten teacher; Matt has a 15 lb. rubber band ball. Matt brushes his teeth with small circular strokes; Mr. Kane brushes his teeth side to side. Mr. Kane is an adroit ballroom dancer; Matt just learned the word adroit*. They both like "Car Talk" on NPR.    top of page

The Adult CircusThe Adult Circus
Chris Chelko and Michael DuBois have been learning magic and juggling since they were kids. Not long after becoming friends in college they teamed up to develop a show that would change the perspective on variety entertainment. Since their appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, they've been in high demand. Combining the arts of magic, juggling, telepathy, sideshow, and comedy into one hilarious and mind-numbing event, The Adult Circus can peak the interests of everybody throughout the performance. The show welcomes audience participation, often making the participants the star of the show. The Adult Circus performers have been everywhere from live shows at hundreds of colleges and universities across the country to corporations such as HBO, NBC, Barnes & Noble, Cadbury Schweppes, and Sirius Satellite Radio to headlining at the Turning Stone Casino and many theaters across the East Coast. They have also entertained many of today's popular celebrities private events including Jay Leno, Michael J. Fox, Steven Tyler, Jim Breuer, and NY Governor George Pataki, and NY Mayor Michael   top of page
Josh CaseyJosh Casey
Josh is a comedian with a history of juggling, improvisation, and non-sequitors. He has performed in 35 states and all across the country. Before a show he likes to ask the audience to "think of pancakes" so it will be easier when later he tries to read their minds. He lives in Los Angeles pretending to be an actor who is between jobs.   top of page
Amanda HuotariAmanda Huotari
Amanda is an actor, teaching-artist, and the Executive Director of Celebration Barn Theater in South Paris, Maine. She studied physical theater at the Lecoq School of Theater in Paris and is a graduate of the International School of Comic Acting is Reggio Emilia, Italy. Amanda has a BFA in acting from Emerson College. Since 2002, she has been working with Add Amanda HuotariVerb Productions performing in the one-woman show, The Thin Line. She is a founding member of the New England based eccentric touring ensemble, The Odd Company, with Mike Miclon and Fritz Grobe. Last October she premiered her solo play, Invitation to the Soiree, and is currently developing it for touring. For more information about Celebration Barn's summer workshops, visit:   top of page
Yann et GrégLes Frères Pinard
Gregory Arsenal and Yannick Thomas (Yann et Grég) welcome you to a wonderful world where you might see an angel (l'ange) with his head upside down or an imbecile (le con) with his mind wandering from his body, but don't worry! Everything is under control--enjoy the journey with Le Con et L'Ange.
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Florent LestageFlorent Lestage
Florent is a circus artist who mixes original juggling with circus skills to open windows on his intemporal world. In his universe, gravity disapears and reappears to change his character's mood. He draws inspiration not only from circuses, silent movies, all kinds of dance, music, and virtual arts, but also from his trips, meetings, cultures, dreams, and deceptions. After 12 years practicing circus skills, Florent will graduate this year with a three-year degree from the National Circus School of Montreal's professional training program, In Juggle This, he will perform one devil stick number and one with "canne massue," a new technique he's been developing for the last three years.   top of page
The Maestrosities: The Coolest Band Ever!
The Maestrosities: The Coolest Band Ever! If no one tells these clowns how stupid they are, they will continue to tour the world, imagining that they are, indeed, "The Coolest Band Ever!" Inspiring Resilience or Obstinate Mediocrity? Decide for yourself. The Maestrosities are a fairly new band made up of seasoned clowns, musicians, and actors including two Flying Karamazov Brothers and the supervisor of the NYC Sloan Kettering Big Apple Clown Care Unit. In the short year that they've been together they've already been "The Featured Performer" at the Monthly NYC Downtown Clown Revue and performed at the New York International Clown Theater Festival at the Brick Theater; the Laugh Out Loud Festival at Emerging Artists Theater; and the Kim Tom Clown festival in Shanghai, China, where they were selected to open at a gala night of clowns at the Oriental Arts Center of Pudong, Shanghai. They've also performed at the Tribeca Film Festival Family Fest, the Spiegeltent's Outside Garden Tent, and the Waterfront Museum Showboat Barge's "Ahoy There!" concert. The Maestrosities are David Gochfeld, Glen Heroy, Roderick Kimball, Jenny Lee Mitchell, Gina Samardge, and Andy Sapora.
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Brent Eden McCoyBrent Eden McCoy
Brent grew up in Northeastern Vermont with a bunch of trees and cows. He graduated from Bates College with a degree in the Juggling of Everything, and has since worked internationally as a performer, director and teacher. Highlights include the AEMI Happy Tiandu International Clown Festival, the Dundas International Busker's Festival, the Vermont Festival of Fools, and his father's 50th birthday party. Brent has studied clowning and eccentric performance with the Celebration Barn, The Odd Company, Gould & Stearns, and Creatively Independent. He currently lives on a dirt road in Vermont, and is really happy that you've read this far.
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David MenesDavid Menes
Born in Madrid, the communications center of Spain, I have always felt the links among people. So when I was a little boy I started writing stories, poems, and songs in order to express my vision of reality. My reality now involves studying at the National Circus School of Montreal, and my goal is to add technique to this need of comunication: dancing and juggling to link my passion to my future and give in total sincerity whoever I am to the world.
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After years of waiting, there's finally a juggler with swag. Representing Harlem, New York City, Paris presents a perfect mix of juggling and hip-hop into one stylish display. Paris has appeared as a guest at the Big Apple Circus, The Today Show, Good Morning America, UniverSoul Circus, the International Juggling Association's Youth Showcase, and more. Show him some love.
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Jens SigsgaardJens Sigsgaard
Jens is a Danish juggler who has been juggling since the age of 12. Since graduating from Cirkus Cirkor's circus school "Cirkuspiloterna" in 2005 he has been performing throughout Europe, participated in various competitions (winning a Bronze medal in the "SOLyCIRKO" festival in Germany in 2005), and founded "Company Jean" with musician Anders Bo Eriksen. Currently he works in France with the Virevolt Company.

Examples of Jens's juggling can be seen in Visionbots "9-1 Nordic Objects" and Peapot's "Headache." To see a trailer from Company Jean, go to
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Playful Productions

Playful Productions®
In addition to producing shows, Playful Productions books performers for special events, corporate training, and education programs. President Viveca Gardiner is Company Manager of the Flying Karamazov Brothers, Youth Director of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Co-Producer of the Grand Falloons, and a contributing editor of JUGGLE magazine. She was also a director of the Big Apple Circus for almost eight years. She has rigged for Cirque du Soleil; coached for Circus of the Kids; performed as a juggler, ringmistress, trapeze artist, stilt walker, and roller skater. Most importantly, she is a Carmine Street Juggler.    top of page


*adroit - adj. - expert or nimble in the use of the hands or body.