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"The little trick of getting three objects to dance around in your hands has always managed to keep a small sense of magic...It's one form of insanity we feel everyone has a right to experience."
~ Juggling for the Complete Klutz  
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Saturday April 8
Pratt Memorial Hall, 7:00pm

A rousing success! Stay tuned for a review, but for now check out the Juggle Those Show Spectacular Photos

Performers, press, et al- please contact Cynthia for high resolution printable photo files.

Hosts:   Matt "from Pratt" Guzzardo
clearMyles "Fresh" Kane

Scheduled Performers:
(subject to change, click for photo/bio)
Featuring: The Red Hook Ramblers
   Jason Benjamin - trumpet
   Evan Ewing - trombone
   Evan Fishbein - guitar
   Joe Keady - tuba
   Marshall Wilson - clarinet

Show Producer: Playful Productions®

BONUS SHOW: Lilly Lipid's Post Show Open Stage

Performer Information:
Matt Guzzardo and Myles Kane

Matt and Myles
After their 4th successful hosting job last year Matt and Myles had grown pretty accustom to thunderous applause, standing ovations and, well, throngs of groupies. As self proclaimed comedy legends, they decided to take their infectious juggling style comedy on the road to mainstream America. Unfortunately, "main stream" America didn't get the joke. M + M went from stage to stage, leaving confused, stone-faced audiences in their wake. They panicked, and threw together a tasteless strip-juggling act billed as the "Sizzle Twins." For some reason, the WB network took pity, and M+ M found themselves standing nude in front of millions, as Steve Harvey made cracks about their shortcomings. ~~the studio was cold~~ They'd truly hit rock bottom. Matt dove head first into a debilitating addiction to Calorie Free Coke while Myles developed an unnatural fascination with his chest hair. Please show Matt and Myles a warm welcome back to the show. It's all they have left.    top of page

Airplay Jugglers

Airplay Jugglers
Jeff Peden began his performing career in 1987 and has been teaching juggling at R.I.T. since 1999. He has trained with professionals from the San Francisco Circus School, Cirque Du Soleil, and Ringling Brothers Clown College and has degrees in History and Education. Jeff formed Airplay when it became apparent that his son Wesley was even more of a juggling fanatic than he was. Wes's only desire for years has been to be a great performance juggler, and his continual efforts have paid off. He's only 15 and has already won several awards, including first place in the International Jugglers Association Competition (17 and under division) and third place in the advanced club-juggling competition at the World Juggling Federation Competitions in Las Vegas, 2005.    top of page


Sean Blue

Sean Blue A type of cheese in which veins of penicillium mold run through the crumbly texture; a smashing pumpkins track first released on the lull ep in 1991; the color of anaïs nin's eyes; a period of work by picasso created between 1901-1904; the last name of a juggler known for ball spinning; the color of a dot under the skin of mc vive's forehead.   top of page

Lana Bolin

Lana Bolin

Lana has been juggling for nine years; she has been juggling to the Eels for five. She is a joggling world record holder! I think that's pretty cool. Lana also likes playing bass a lot. She is in a band now, but it doesn't have a name yet because all the names they think of sound really stupid. If you would like to suggest a name, that might be fun.   
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Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Steve Brown is a veteran performer, having done everything from Shakespeare to yo-yo tricks in 16 countries during the past 15 years. His website,, is generally considered to be one of the few pieces of self-serving internet propaganda that is actually merited. He has spent the past seven years re-branding the 76-year old Duncan Yo-Yo Company, developing most of its product line, and serving as its Promotions Manager. He has been seen on Bravo and VH1, featured in Teen People and Newsweek, was Owen Wilson's yo-yo stunt double in Zoolander, and is a published author. Steve walks on mountaintops and casts no shadow. Tremble before his might. Or just enjoy the show.   top of page

The Flash

The Flash

The Flash (David Graham and Tobin Renwick) worked for Circus Smirkus for five years, from 1999 to 2003. Since then they have been working for the Midnight Circus and at amusement parks. This winter they were a part of the world premier of The Midnight Circus' "Stilettos Circus and Soul;" a combination of circus acts, Mars Williams with Liquid Soul (jazz fusion), and Alexandra Billings. This is the first time they have performed in New York or at a juggling fest.   top of page


Jay Gilligan

Jay Gilligan Juggling is more than mere tricks that others cannot do. With enough practice, the entire world could juggle 7 clubs each. The pattern and technique are not a secret, each club flips 3 times in an alternating, crossing pattern (more or less). There is no humanity inside the pure technique, and yet juggling turns out to be an intensely personal and egotistical experience (WJF- who is the BEST??). Instead, juggling as art and even as a valid craft, needs editing and composing as much as any movie, song, or story. Just because we could all juggle 7 clubs, doesn't necessarily mean we should.   top of page


Jen & Tony

Jen & TonyJen Slaw and Tony Duncan started performing together in 2004. Initially working together on one routine, a completely new type of juggling that Jen invented, they discovered how well their respective talents complimented each other. From that one act, their collaboration has blossomed into a full-fledged partnership. Working with playwright/ director Russell Davis, they have developed a show with an amazing variety of skills, and, of course, dance, comedy, and attitude!


William Wei-Liang Lin

Jen & Tony17-year-old William stunned the juggling community with an upset win over the world’s reigning diabolo champion at the 2005 World Juggling Federation in Las Vegas. A native of Taiwan, William is excited to be returning to America to perform at Juggle Those.   top of page

Li Liu

Li Liu

Li Liu was born to circus artists in Shen Ying China. Under the tutelage of the best trainers in Beijing, she became one of the first youngsters (at age seven) to perform a one-armed handstand. As one of the top acrobats in China, Li has had the opportunity to travel and perform with many circuses around the world including Circus Knie, Circus Roncalli and Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. She has been trained in chair balancing, bicycle, plate and carpet spinning, hand balancing , and of course ... juggling! In 2001 – 2002, Li traveled with the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus as part of the Llyao Ning Chinese Acrobats where she balanced 18 performers while riding a bicycle. As a freelance artist Li enjoys the performing opportunities and the "normal" lifestyle she and her daughter Heyi enjoy in New Britian, CT. For booking information, contact   top of page


Kirk MarshKirk Marsh

Kirk has been described as Charlie Chaplin, Jerry Lewis, Stan Laurel, and Dick Van Dyke rolled into one. Mix in vaudeville's rich traditions of magic, juggling, eccentric dance, and oddball audience participation and you have a one-man comedy variety show that will leave you in stitches. Part klutz, part consummate entertainer, Kirk's shows and acts have delighted and amazed audiences around the world, from Las Vegas casinos to the world's largest cruise ships. His performances portray a man at odds with his life and his props. Kirk has trained at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's Clown College and Motionfest as well as spending some time working out with the NY Goofs. His work has taken him across the United States and on several journeys overseas.    top of page



The SHOWOFF Show!Evan Young and Jonathan Burns have been showing off their entire lives. Both are accomplished variety performers and have decided to unite their efforts into one impressive show. Witness a unique combo of circus skills, video skits, and stand-up comedy that you won't believe. In their spare time you can usually find this dynamic duo solving Rubik's Cubes, fighting crime, and/or spending time with their lady friends. Check out for more info.   top of page

Playful Productions

Playful Productions®
In addition to producing shows, Playful Productions books performers for special events, corporate training, and education programs. President Viveca Gardiner is Company Manager of the Flying Karamazov Brothers, Youth Director of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Co-Producer of the Grand Falloons, and a contributing editor of JUGGLE magazine. She was also a director of the Big Apple Circus for almost eight years. She has rigged for Cirque du Soleil; coached for Circus of the Kids; performed as a juggler, ringmistress, trapeze artist, stilt walker, and roller skater. Most importantly, she is a Carmine Street Juggler.    top of page