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  Juggling Vendor a Nut
By Patrick Hickey Jr.
for The Brooklyn Paper

photo by Christopher Frank
photo caption: ON THE BALL: Kyle Peterson, Keyspan Park's juggling vendor, entertains fans while selling them goodies.

Vendor Kyle Peterson made plenty of fans this season juggling bags of peanuts and Cracker Jacks, but it's his ability to do it while riding a unicycle that has caught the attention of the fans at Keyspan.

"It caters to the kids and it's really enjoyable," said Clones fan Al Hirschberg. "It's low-key and fun to watch."

If the respect and admiration of the fans at Keyspan wasn't enough, Peterson has also caught the attention of the Cyclones, too.

"He's got real talent," said reliever Edgar Ramirez. "I can't juggle balls on flat ground and he can do it on a unicycle. He's really impressive."

Although his style is unconventional, this lifetime Mets fan got his job the old-fashioned way: by answering a help-wanted ad (albeit on Craig's List).

"I answered an ad for a vendor with either juggling or music ability," said the 22-year old NYU grad. "I'm a huge baseball fan, so this is a lot of fun for me. I love working at Keyspan; I'm happy I got the job."

While Peterson is all smiles at Keyspan, the Cyclones front office are even happier to have his antics on display.

"I think he's great," said General Manager Steve Cohen. "It's not in your face. He sells, he juggles and the fans really seem to get a kick out of it."

Despite all the laughs and cheers Peterson has gotten from fans this season, the job isn't always cheese and crackers.

"It's exhausting sometimes," said Peterson, who has been a juggler and unicyclist since age 12. "We had a day game that was a killer. I had sweat drenched through the back of my shirt."

Given that Peterson is the team's first-ever performing vendor, perhaps he's the good-luck charm that has led the Cyclones to a 38-18 record this season.

"I wish I could take credit for all the Cyclones success this season, but I can't," said Peterson, who also runs and manages his own Cyclones blog (see, where he writes about the team.

"I do think that I get the fans energized though. I think they're the ones that have played a part in how well the team has done this year."

2007 The Brooklyn Paper

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