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"The little trick of getting three objects to dance around in your hands has always managed to keep a small sense of magic...It's one form of insanity we feel everyone has a right to experience."
~ Juggling for the Complete Klutz
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FlipFest (Minneapolis) Nov 1-3
Posted September 6, 2013
Come join us for a University of Minnesota sponsored juggling festival. Open gym November 1 & 2 until 2am each night! There will be open juggling, workshops, and a performance right in the Great Hall! As of now gym passes are free!

If you are looking for a place to stay, or are willing to offer a place to stay please fill out this form.

For those of you who have skills you would like to share please fill out this spreadsheet.

We've reserved one of three slots per hour for teaching beginners, since part of the goal of this festival is community outreach. What I need for these slots are volunteers to be essentially on-duty teachers only when people come in wanting to learn, but I'd like to see names on those slots.

We're also looking to put on some sort of show, so if you have any interest in performing email us.
Friday, November 1, noon–2am
Saturday, November 2, 10am–2am
Sunday, November 3, noon–5pm
Coffman - Great Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455
More Information:
[email protected]
Note from the JuggleNYC Editors: Posted as received.