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"The little trick of getting three objects to dance around in your hands has always managed to keep a small sense of magic...It's one form of insanity we feel everyone has a right to experience."
~ Juggling for the Complete Klutz  
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World-class presentation of local and international variety talent. Appropriate for all ages.

Saturday April 4
Pratt Memorial Hall, 7:30pm
200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY

General admission $10
Tickets available in the ARC during the festival.
Tickets are not available for purchase before the festival, and can only be purchased in person at the festival registration desk.

Scheduled Performers:
(subject to change, click for photo/bio) Your hosts:   Matt, Lindsay, & Bernie! myles

With music by: Show Produced by:
Performer Information:
Juggle This - Kenichi EbinaKenichi Ebina
Kenichi Ebina is a solo self-taught dance performer, who started out dancing freestyle hip-hop and expanded his style to include popping, locking, mime, house, jazz, contemporary, and ethnic dance, which he combines with sound and lighting effects. Kenichi has performed and/or taught dance in the USA, Europe, China, Japan, and Australia and performed, directed, and choreographed for many dance and theater companies. In 2001 his all-Japanese dance troupe, BiTriP won first place in the final grand championship of "Amateur Night" at the world-famous Apollo Theater. In 2007, Kenichi appeared on "Showtime at the Apollo" as a solo performer and became the grand champion after winning seven times, making him the only two-time grand champion in the Apollo theater history.   top of page
JuggleThis - Markus FurtnerMarkus Furtner
With his amazing skills, Markus Furtner is arguably the best devilstick juggler in the world. Having succumbed to the fascination "Devilstick" in 1996, Markus Furtner has been learning the ins and outs of this prop by himself. Since then he has been developing new tricks and turning heads at national and international conventions as a devilstick specialist. This will be the first time he will perform his legendary act "eXtreme Devilstick" in the US.    top of page
JuggleThis - Get The ShoeGet The Shoe
A new definition of juggling.
A clash of two extraordinary artists.
A new fighting technique: Martial Juggling Arts.
The revolutionary choreography features swift cuts, a phat sound track, and nerve-racking special effects.
One comic, two combatants, ten clubs, and a pair of shoes.
"Kill Bill meets Bruce Lee in The Matrix".   top of page
Juggle This - Maria GrimmyMaria Grimmy
Just like my older sisters, I am a fifth generation circus performer. I would like to be a full-time performer when I grow up. And I look up to my older sister Gena (Shvartsman Cristiani), who I think is the best juggler! (Maria is twelve years old.)   top of page
Juggle This - Francis JulienFrancis Julien
Coming from the circus world, Francis is a multi-disciplinary artist who rarely performs as a juggler. Mostly evolving from other circus's spheres, he has chosen to create a brand-new act this time, made only for this festival.
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Juggle This - Lin JummingLin Junming
For 20 years, Lin trained and performed with the Fujian acrobatics group of China. He now performs as a juggler, and his act won the Silver Lion prize at the Fourth China National Acrobatic Competition. He has performed his juggling act in Germany, France, Austria, Cypress, Japan, South Africa, and Turkey, but Juggle This will be his North American performance debut.
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Juggle This - Karas & ParisKaras & Paris
Karas & Paris is more than just a is a movement, born and bred in Harlem. It brings together two diverse young men, bent on breaking down the old, washed-up juggling misconceptions of the past. In a world of tedious siteswaps and monotonous music, Karas and Paris are here to bring back what juggling has lost...pure, unadulterated swag. Last year at Juggle This, the team's anthem was born as they got the rowdy Renegade stage bouncing to Juggla Boy, a parody of the viral Soulja Boy. This year they take the main stage to prove once and for all that juggling can be sexy, fun, and impressive at the same time. You've got two choices - like it or love it.  |  |  top of page
Juggle This -  Greg MilsteinGreg Milstein
A full time circus man for the past 28 years, Greg Milstein has worked as a juggler, clown, ringmaster, unicyclist, stilt dancer, circus manager, event producer, and circus school director. He has presented his distinctive brand of eccentric comedy in 20 countries, including China, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Latvia, Russia, France, Belgium and Germany. He's even played New Jersey.

Greg currently divides his time between London, where he is managing director of the Academy of Circus Arts, and New York, where he is executive director of the National Circus Project, now in its 25th year.

In 1990, Greg was the first American performer to appear in the Soviet circus ring after a 30-year ban on artistic exchange between the two countries. For this occasion, he created a unique presentation of comic balloonology to transcend language and nationalism. Balloon Jazz is a universal story of laughter, love, war, and peace, unfolding in classical music and multicolored latex.  |
(photo credit: Helene Dahl)   top of page
Véronique ProvencherVéronique Provencher
Véro is one of the only women in North America to master the diabolo to such an elaborate extent; she succeeds in combining this juggling technique with character, movement, and dance. She allows the public into her world, combining her clown-like character with an incredible sensitivity.    top of page
Juggle This - David SharpsDavid Sharps
David Sharps went to sea as an entertainer working cruise ships in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Aegean Seas with his variety act "Serious Foolishness." He has appeared in film, television, and commercials in Germany, France, Japan, and America. Returning stateside after attending L'Ecole Jacques Lecoq, he bought and restored a dilapidated wooden vessel that today is on the National Register of Historic Places and houses the Waterfront Museum & Showboat Barge. Since 1989 the Showboat has presented "CIRCUSundays in June" and maritime/environmental education programs in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
(photo credit: William D. King)   top of page
Juggle This -  Sticks and BonesSticks and Bones
Sticks and Bones presents: Six Legs Simplicity of movement, contrast of bodies, paused, fluid, sound, silence. As an exploration of modern dance, physical actions, acrobatics and stilts, comes Six Legs, Sticks and Bones' second show. An experiment in modern circus for any audience, adaptable to different stages, and open to multiple readings that may end with simplicity, a dancer and two stilters introduce us to their spectacle, surprising us, scaring us, and delighting us (with subtlety) even in moments of risk.

Vanessa Carillo is a Colombian dancer who began her studies with Classical Ballet and is currently studying Modern Dance in New York City.

Nicolas Cifuentes is a Colombian actor who has 11 years of experience in street theater, with an emphasis on stilts. He has explored stilts and street theater for the past nine years with his group in Bogota, Colombia.

Alicia Gerstein has worked with Bread & Puppet for many years, and with various other theaters as a puppeteer and stilter. She currently teaches art and ESL in Brooklyn.
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Matt, Lindsay, & Bernie

Hosted by Matt, Lindsay, & Bernie! myles
Matt and Lindsay are getting married! Matt and Lindsay are looking for an apartment to purchase! Matt and Lindsay got a new puppy named Bernadette! Matt and Lindsay are financially stable! Matt, Lindsay, and Bernie are hosting the show! Myles.
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Juggle This -  Groove SquadNYC Groove Squad
Music is being provided and mixed by the NYC Groove Squad—DJ Sky King & DJ Julio. This dynamic duo started DJing together 30 years ago and are still rockin' audiences worldwide. You can also hear their DJing in the ARC during the festival.     top of page
Playful Productions

Playful Productions®
In addition to producing circus and juggling-themed stage shows, we book performers for special events, corporate training, and education programs. President Viveca Gardiner is Youth Director of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Company Manager of the Flying Karamazov Brothers, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of and, Co-Producer of the Grand Falloons, and a contributing editor of JUGGLE magazine. She was a director of the Big Apple Circus for eight years. She has rigged for Cirque du Soleil; coached for Circus of the Kids; and performed as a juggler, ringmistress, trapeze artist, stilt walker, and roller skater. She juggles at Carmine Street and Pratt.
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