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"The little trick of getting three objects to dance around in your hands has always managed to keep a small sense of magic...It's one form of insanity we feel everyone has a right to experience."
~ Juggling for the Complete Klutz  
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Saturday March 3
Pratt Memorial Hall, 7:30pm
Admission: $10

Hosts:   Matt "from Pratt" Guzzardo
clearMyles "Fresh" Kane

Scheduled Performers:
(subject to change, click for photo/bio) Featuring music by: The Red Hook Ramblers
   Jason Benjamin - trumpet
   Christopher Courtier - trombone
   Anand Mukherjee - guitar
   Joe Keady - tuba
   Marshall Wilson - clarinet

Show Producer: Playful Productions®

If you would like to be in the show, please contact Viveca.

Performer Information:
Matt Guzzardo and Myles Kane

Matt and Myles
Hungry? Preheat your oven to 475º then kick it up a notch to 525º. Take Matt Guzzardo, thinly slice him and sprinkle a little bit of Myles Kane on top. Cook until they start smelling like bacon . Then Get ready to consume the most delicious hosting duo on the menu!. Matt Guzzardo is thrilled to be back hosting Juggle This 2007. Myles Kane is also back.    top of page

Axis DanzAxis Danz
Axis Danz creates mesmerizing entertainment by utilizing a variety of choreographic styles, enhanced with the breathtaking movement of weighted fabric and unique lighting. Innovative and high concept -- Axis Danz offers a visual feast unlike anything you've ever seen before. From MTV to the US Open, a variety of businesses have found a creative marketing and entertainment alternative in Axis Danz. The distinct performance experience of Axis Danz energizes special events, promotes brand name recognition, and provides the special visual that often garners greater press exposure.   top of page
Cindy MarvellCindy Marvell
Cindy began making her mark on New York City ceilings at age twelve. As a teenager, she studied at the Antic Arts Academy at SUNY Purchase, practicing her way to her professional debut at the Carnegie Hall Serenades Festival. After graduating from Oberlin College with honors in 1988, she became the first woman ever to win the International Jugglers' Association's Championship. Her work has taken her to Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and ex-Soviet Georgia. After touring with San Francisco's Pickle Family Circus in the early 90s, she returned to New York to study dance at the Limon Institute and the Isadora Duncan Foundation. Her performances in that region include Bouncing Back at Dance Theater Workshop, Ladyfingers at Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, Young People's Concerts at Avery Fisher Hall, PBS. specials for Sesame Street and Elizabeth Swados, and the NY Renaissance Festival. Off stage, Cindy has written articles about her field for The New York Times and has taught at the Big Apple Circus school. Now in her eighth year with Lazer Vaudeville, she has graduated from Sleepytime herbal tea to Java Jolt, so look out!    top of page
Gonzalo ColomaGonzalo Coloma
Gonzalo was born in Perú 26 years ago and has been juggling for the last 10 years. He learned by himself, and it took him three years to meet a juggler with whom to practice. After getting a university degree in engineering, Gonzalo decided to become a professional juggler, so he moved to Montreal and re-enrolled in school, this time at the National Circus School of Montreal, where he's been studying for the past three years. Since making the transition, Gonzalo has performed at the Winter Olympics closing ceremony in Turin, Italy; at corporate events with Cirque du Soleil, including at their party for the F1 race; and in festivals all over eastern Canada.   top of page
Ithaca College's circus arts club, was established by Amy Cohen (currently abroad in London) and Matt Karp (currently abroad in Australia) in the fall of 2005. ICircus is devoted to teaching, sharing, learning, and performing circus arts in the Ithaca Community and beyond and is open to anyone who may want to join. The club is invited to perform and teach at numerous events in Ithaca and enjoys community outreach. With the exception of the two founders, all members of the club are new to circus arts and have been fabulously devoted to and intrigued by circus despite the craziness of college life. ICircus is thrilled to have the opportunity to perform in NYC, and we thank all our supporters from Ithaca to our hometowns and back again! Jess Myers (19) and PJ Mead (18) now co-run ICircus and perform today with members Indira Dominguez (19), Alex Binek (18), Alicia Harper (18), Alison Sleeper (19), Ben Reynolds (20), Casey Matteson (20), Dan Prior (20), Britain Valenti (20), Jessica Treacy (18) and Chris Brittingham (18).   top of page
Jenny, Sara, and LeilaniJenny, Sara, and Leilani
Jenny, Sara, and Leilani met at the National Circus School of Canada, where they are still students. They are good friends and train together every day. Jenny and Sara Haglund are twins from Sweden, who started their circus career with a pig number in 1998. Tired of the pig act, they started practicing contortion two years later and have worked for Circus Cirkor and Clowns Without Borders. Leilani Lemuela Franco is half-Filipina, half-British-African and grew up around the world. She was trained in classical ballet but stopped dancing five years ago. She started contortion at the school in 2005. The trio love to eat Ben and Jerry's while watching cheesy movies. In the past year, they have all dated jugglers. Even though things didn't work out, they still love jugglers.    top of page
Jay GilliganJay Gilligan
It's exciting to be alive during the time when siteswap was discovered. Imagine being around when impressionism was invented or color photography. Juggling in 2007 is the contemporary dance of 1907!    top of page
Justine Méthé & Philippe RenaudJustine Méthé & Philippe Renaud
Justin and Philippe are two Québecois circus artists currently finishing their studies at the National Circus School of Montreal. Besides their duo hand-to-hand act, they both have many other talents, including juggling, acrobatics, dance, theater, and single wheel. The number they will present is the culmination of three years of work as students. In a few months, they will graduate and begin performing this act on the professional circus and variety circuit. This hand-to-hand balancing act mixes handstands with technical feats, both static and dynamic. The music of the number is Orly by Belgian singer Jacques Brel. This beautiful song describes how two lovers say good bye forever.    top of page
Michael KarasMichael Karas
Michael, a Pittsburgh native, is thrilled to be attending his first NYC juggling festival and is even more excited to be moving here in the fall. This past September Michael headlined the Syracuse "Juggle in Oz" Public Show where he impressed and confused crowds with various routines involving puppets, whee-los, and punching bags. He has won numerous awards at the IJA, his most prestigious being this summer's Bronze Place medal in the Individuals Competition. He has appeared on the cover of JUGGLE magazine and runs a successful website based on creative juggling ( This summer he will perform a one-man juggling show as "Sam the Ice Cream Man" at Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT. Michael's long-term goal is to explore the theatrical potential of juggling.    top of page
Marcus MonroeMarcus Monroe
Marcus was born at a very early age and began to juggle when he was nine. Since then he has had the privilege of sharing the stage with some of the hottest acts on the charts including: Cake, Aimee Mann, Gavin DeGraw, and Hanson. He has also recently performed with David Cross, Michael Showalter, and John Oliver from The Daily Show. Marcus has displayed his hosting skills on national TV shows including Discovery Kid's Mad Science and MTVu's Dean's List. He has been featured on ABC Family's Switched as well as MTV's TRL. Marcus is trained by Sean Blue, and Jay Gilligan is his favorite color. Shoebox 07   top of page
Matias SalmenahoMatias Salmenaho
Matias is a juggler, acrobat, musician, or whatever is needed to make the show. He started juggling at age nine, and since then circus has been his way of life. Right know Matias is performing various juggling acts and a hand-to-hand act with his girlfriend, Olia Kondrikova in many different venues around Europe. This is Matias' first visit to New York as well as his North American performance debut.    top of page
Ryan WhalenRyan Whalen
As well as having performed in over a dozen countries on four continents, Ryan plays a mean game of trivial pursuit. The questions you should be asking yourself are:
  1. Is juggling a trivial pursuit?
  2. If so, why does he pursue it so?
  3. Will juggling ever make Ryan a trivia show superstar?
To which the responses are:
  1. Yes.
  2. Who knows.
  3. Likely not.
  4. Nonetheless, the juggling may very well entertain and impress.
Enjoy.    top of page
Sean BlueSean Blue

Bio coming soon.

top of page
Stephanie MonseuStephanie Monseu
Stephanie (a/k/a Philomena Bindlesitff, Lilly Lipid, Miss Prickle) is co-founder of The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. For 12 years, the Cirkus has toured nationally and produced shows in NYC, forming the heart of a community of over 250 variety, circus, sideshow and burlesque artists. Catch the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus and Magic Hat Summer Variety Show Tour this June and July! New projects include, The Cavalcade of Youth (with Viveca Gardiner and Playful Productions), a mentoring program which pairs kids interested in variety arts with performing professionals, coaching them and presenting them in a theater showcase; and the Bindlestiff Cirkus Summer Camp in collaboration with the Snug Harbor Cultural Center in Staten Island, a two week intensive circus arts training program starting August 2007. For more info, tour schedules and some fabulous photos, see    top of page
Playful Productions

Playful Productions®
In addition to producing shows, Playful Productions books performers for special events, corporate training, and education programs. President Viveca Gardiner is Company Manager of the Flying Karamazov Brothers, Youth Director of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Co-Producer of the Grand Falloons, and a contributing editor of JUGGLE magazine. She was also a director of the Big Apple Circus for almost eight years. She has rigged for Cirque du Soleil; coached for Circus of the Kids; performed as a juggler, ringmistress, trapeze artist, stilt walker, and roller skater. Most importantly, she is a Carmine Street Juggler.    top of page